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   Opening: All the information on Rubber Go is free of charge, including industry information, quotation analysis, etc. Download our information all free! Our model is: create a set of raw materials transactions, sample management and chemical rubber industry circle as one of the industry service website!

    I. Service Statement:

   "Rubber Go" would provide members of the chemical rubber raw materials supply and demand information, centralized procurement, bidding match and other services. In addition to any other express provisions in the future, all new products or new service functions are subject to the terms of this statement. The information and any of its components on this website may not be re-edited, reproduced, copied, or used for any commercial purpose not permitted by the Company, except as provided by applicable legal permission or with the consent of the Company. If the Company determines that the user's behavior is illegal or is detrimental to the legitimate rights and interests of the website and the Company, the Company will take relevant legal measures, including but not limited to refusing to provide services, freeze or delete membership accounts.

   "Rubber Go" as a rubber chemical raw materials service platform, users should understand all the information on "Rubber Go" are rubber chemical industry raw materials information. "Rubber Go" will be necessary to check the information (screening). If the user found false, illegal contents in some information, please contact the "Rubber Go". It will be timely corrected after being verified.

   Buyers and sellers must observe China's relevant laws and regulations during the process of obtaining information to complete the raw materials transactions through the "Rubber Go". Rubber Go Note: Please carefully check the raw material suppliers’ company certificates, certificate of quality and other supportingdocuments, and sign a written agreement to ensure the interests of buyers and sellers. The "Rubber Go" does not assume any legal liability for any dispute in the course of the agreement, including but not limited to any accidental situation in the course of logistics, processing and distribution.

  If dispute occured in the course of the transaction, under the premise of parties’ voluntary equality, buyer and seller may request “Rubber Go” to assist in mediation. "Rubber Go" will identify the facts, distinguish between right and wrong, strictly abide by the national laws and regulations to the recommendations. Shall not cause the other party to sue the people's court without mediation or failure to mediation. The agreement reached by the mediation has legal effect, but the rubbergo does not bear any legal responsibility for the contents of this agreement.

II. Privacy Protection Statement:

   Rubbergo attaches great importance to the protection of user privacy. Privacy Protection Statement of rubbergo is a commitment to protect the privacy of users of this website, for your interactive behavior with rubbergo and your online service for registration and use of rubber go, please be sure to read carefully.

(I). The Collection of Personal Data

   Users could access the platform to obtain platform and business information in the anonymous state.The Company collects the necessary user's personal data in a legal manner only with the legal consent of the transaction and with the consent of the user. The platform may send free information to the

   user according to the collected user's name, address, telephone number, e-mail and other information, or initiate a call to the user according to the real and effective contact information left by the user. Our company will not take responsibility for the potential loss caused by the users’ disposal of

   information or none answer to our phone call in the sample trading and centralized procurement stage. While registering on the platform, users shall provide personal and company’s real, accurate, completed information according to the registration contents tips and ensure to update the data timely. The company shall not liable for any potential damage caused by the inaccurate,uncompleted or not timely updated personal or company’s information provided by the users. The company reserves the rights to recover the losses which leads to the company caused by the inaccurate, uncompleted or not timely updated personal or company’s information provided by the users.

(II). The Use of Personal Data

   The Company has the right to use the personal and entity information provided by you for internal management, management, statistics, etc., including but not limited to: daily management of the Company's services and products provided to its members, monitoring the safe use of this website, visiting the data for statistical and researching; to facilitate the renewal of services and products for members to enjoy; to confirm the list of contacts and consumption, for promotional purposes; to resolve disputes, to exclude disputes and the implementation of the purpose of this legal statement.

(III). Disclosure of Personal Data

The rubbergo will take reasonable means to protect the personal and entity information provided by the users. The platform will not disclose the user information to any unrelated third party without the

permission of the user, except in one of the following cases:

1, the power of the authorities in accordance with the legal procedures required to provide.

2, for the purpose of public safety.

3, due to the user's own information confidentiality inappropriate, resulting in the disclosure of user information.

4, due to network lines, hacker attacks,computer viruses and other causes of information disclosure, loss, theft or tampering.

5, in order to protect more important rights or property of other users of this site.

6, other special or emergency situations.

(IV). The Use of Cookies Technology

  When the user accesses to the platform with the Cookies device, the platform server will automatically send Cookies to the user's browser, which will be stored in the user's computer hard drive. The Cookies will be responsible for recording the operation, consumption habits,credit records and so on when users visit the platform in the future. With Cookies technology, rubbergo can provide you with more thoughtful personalized service. The rubbergo will use Cookies technology to provide users with the information they are interested in or store their password.

III. Intellectual Property Statement:

  Qingdao Rubber Valley Industry Supply Chain Co., Ltd. has the copyright of all the contents and materials (including but not limited to the text, pictures, software, Flash, etc.) , which is protected by

national intellectual property rights. Without authorization any person shall not use, otherwise it will be held legally liable.

  All the products, technology and pages of Rubbergo( to intellectual property. “Rubber Go”, “” as the Qingdao Rubber Valley Industry Supply Chain Co., Ltd. registered trademark, no one shall use, otherwise it will be held legally liable.

IV. Exclusion Clause:

  We are not responsible for any accidents and losses caused by the use of this website by any user (including the loss of computer viruses due to downloading the contents of third party websites that

may be linked to this website), nor are we liable for any liability.

  The user should bear the risk of using the information obtained from the rubbergo. Rubbergo is only as a platform for promoting chemical raw materials transaction and providing raw materials information

exchange. For the members of the website self-published information, without our audit, we are not responsible for information content security, accuracy, authenticity, legitimacy, nor bear any legal responsibility.

  Any entity or individual who suspects that the content of this website may infringe it copyright, should promptly give us a written right notice to provide proof of identity, proof of ownership and

detailed infringement proof. When we receive the above legal documents, we will deal with it as soon as possible.

V. The Company reserves the right at any time to modify and add any of the contents of this Legal Notice. Every time you log in or use this site, you are deemed to agree to be bound by the terms of the valid statement.

VI. According to the circulation characteristic of chemical rubber products, any goods bought from rubbergo should not be returned and not applicable for returning without reasons.