About us

About us

1.1.1Platform Introduction

   The rubbergo is the third party raw material electronic trading platform created by Rubber Valley. The platform is direct to the raw material area of chemical rubber industry and based on the traditional buying and selling model

of the raw material spot market. It aims to provide rubber raw material electronic trading and supportive service associated with the trading such asfinancial, logistics,information etc. for the chemical rubber industry.

Meanwhile,with the electronic trading system as a carrier, by integratingindustry resources, business model innovation and trade process optimization,the e-commerce platform converges information, trading, logistics and

warehousing, finance, quality system and other related service to create rubber chemical industry circle, sample management center and industry product trading ecosphere. It provides sales market solution for raw material producing enterprises. It offers procurement solutions for raw material purchasing enterprises to optimize the circulation for raw material. It provides the overall supply chain solutions online and offline for chemical rubber


1.1.2 Platform Culture

    Innovation, Mutual Sharing, Mutual Win

1.1.3 Platform Forward-Looking

    Rubber Go, which is based on the rubber chemical industry ecosphere, integrates the industry resources in a new, efficient mode, collects industry contacts, create a mutual sharing and mutual

win platform for chemical rubber industry!